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The Return of the Maya Moment

This book explores the profound influence of Maya philosophy of nature on cultural resilience in the face of colonization, assimilation policies, and profit-driven development agendas. Drawing on extensive fieldwork comprising eighty interviews and ethnographic studies conducted over eight years, alongside analysis of Maya literary works, the book examines key cultural concepts such as K’íin (time) and Iik’ (energy), k’aax (forest), ich kool (milpa), xuunan kaab (Melipona bees), ha (water), and others. These concepts, central to the Maya worldview, shape their relationship with the environment and guide their efforts to safeguard their heritage and conserve the remaining forests in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. By delving into the intricate interplay between culture, nature, and spirituality, this study not only sheds light on the Maya struggle for cultural and environmental preservation but also offers valuable insights for addressing similar crises faced by societies worldwide.

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