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Featured Courses


  • Transdisciplinary Introduction to Latin American Studies (click here for the syllabi)

  • Cultural Studies of Crises. Seminar.

  • Environmental Cultural Studies and Hispanic World. Graduate Seminar.

  • Introduction to Cultural Studies in Hispanic Context. Graduate Topics Course.

  • Undergraduate 

  • Americas' Cultures of Nature

  • Maya Bioculture

  • Travel in Latin America: Philosophy and Practic

  • Where Science Meets Society, Science and Technology Studies

  • Culture, Environment and Economy in the Hispanic World

  • Culture and Environment in the Hispanic World

  • Literature and Environment                                              

  • Illness and Environment in Spanish Narrative and Film.

  • Introduction to Hispanic Cultures                                              

  • Introduction to Hispanic Literatures      

  • Spanish 445 “Culture, and the Environment in the Hispanic World” (click here for the syllabi)


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