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With the Bees and Maize

This book focuses on resistance and revitalization of native Mayan culture in Yucatan, Mexico, in the context of threats posed to Maya peoples' ways of life by the industrial agriculture and mega tourism. While most events, processes, and narratives that I analyze take place or have been produced in 21st century, my understanding is informed by the Maya pre-colonial and colonial history, with which I dialogue all along my book.



In Search of Alternative Biopolitics. Anti-Bullfighting, Animality and the Environment in Contemporary Spain

The book argues that the concepts structuring human/animal relations in Spain and political discourses that make use of them are mediating debates on tradition and change, war and peace, gender, environment and science. These concepts where humanity is opposed to animality, due to the historical significance of bullfighting are in particular tension in Spain. In the Anthropocene world destroyed by humans, the concept of humanity, as privileged over everything non-human, needs to be urgently revised.

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Ethics of Life.
Contemporary Iberian Debates

  • What are the different rhetorical strategies employed by writers, artists, filmmakers, and activists to react to the degradation of life and climate change?

  • How are urban movements using environmental issues to resist corporate privatization of the commons?

  • What is the shape of Spanish debates on reproductive rights and biotechnology?

  • What is the symbolic significance of the bullfighting debate and other human/animal issues in today's political turmoil in Spain?

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Del infierno al cuerpo.png


Del infierno al cuerpo: La otredad en la narrativa y en el cine español contemporáneo

Del infierno al cuerpo es un libro único, profundamente original y precursor, que plantea una serie de preguntas fundamentales, obvias y necesarias, que hasta el momento no se habían considerado en su conjunto en la crítica de la literatura y cine español contemporáneo.¿Qué es lo otro en diferentes momentos históricos? ¿Hacia qué dominios se proyecta y cómo se percibe? ¿Es posible una actitud hacia el otro que no sea antagónica? 



A novel about desires and dreams, passions and attachments, pain and suffering, about loss, and about search for fulfillment and formation of identity in a world full of illusions and instability, where borders between reality and fiction sometimes blur and then everything seem to be a figment of imagination.

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Conversaciones literarias con novelistas contemporáneos

Nine of today's most celebrated Hispanic writers reveal themselves and their concerns, and how the latter are reflected in their work. The interviews allow readers closer personal acquaintance with the subjects, their fiction and their cultural circumstances, in the process touching on major intellectual issues of today - the definition of reality, the role of art and the challenge of otherness.

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