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All That Matters: Alternative Economies in the Iberian Peninsula

Spain was one of the European countries where the 2008 crisis was felt most dramatically, with unemployment sitting stubbornly in 2015 at 49% among those under 25. In the aftermath of the crisis, 200 alternative economic networks emerged, and 80 "social currencies" were created to foster the local exchange of goods and services. Forty of those communities joined the Transition movement, initiated in Britain as a response to global warming and peak oil. All these initiatives brought about a set of cultural changes. This book analyzes the complex synergies of cultural transformation in Spanish communities that are constructing their alternative economies. It focuses on the relations that these communities establish with their environments, on the way they relate to time, material objects, and technologies, and on the design and use of space. Finally, it dwells on the interpersonal relations in these spaces.

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Sculpture by Oscar Estruga Vilanova, Barcelona, Spain.

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